What We Do

What Does Breakwater Capital Do?

With access to a 1031 exchange syndication platform, we take the hassle out of finding high-value properties to exchange. At Breakwater Capital we offer the opportunity for you to have partial ownership of a property. Instead of having all the financial and logistical responsibilities of the real estate, you can simply contribute your share of the investment funds and let professional managers handle the logistics of property ownership.

When you work with us, you have access to a wide selection of eligible investment properties on our innovative platform. You can assess your options and get the documentation and details you need before moving forward. Once you’ve made your decision, our expert team walks you through the buying process and the paperwork to ensure it’s completed correctly. Our online investor portal gives you easy access to all the necessary documents.*

* Referrals available upon request

Our Role at Breakwater


Understand Client Objectives

Investment Goals, Expectations, Risk Tolerance, Liquidity Needs, Time Horizon, Estate Plan

Vet sponsors & investments

Provide access to sophisticated strategies & operators

Provide access to sophisticated strategies & operators

Oversee & coordinate the entire 1031 exchange

Provide investment advice outside of just 1031 exchanges

Maintain client relationship and assist with any future needs

Know Your Financial Professional

Syndicated real estate is often a new concept to most of our clients and we fully understand that trust needs to be earned. We often get questions like:

  • How do we know who you are?
  • How can we trust you or the companies you work with?
  • How can I verify that the information you are telling me is correct?

We implore our clients to know as much as possible about the people they choose to work with and are proud to be as transparent as possible. Thats why we direct them Broker Check, a tool that our nation’s securities regulatory body provides (FINRA). It allows the public to vet anyone with a securities license. All you have to do is type in the name of the subject and Broker Check will populate everything you would want to know. This could include their work history, licenses and any red flags that you may want to be aware of.

Please follow the link to access this extremely useful tool:


Our Offerings

We specialize in high-level investment and financial planning  concepts that most other financial professionals do not, and most clients are unaware of. These are the types of strategies that most investor hear about, but either lack the motivation or access to actually implement them. They are designed to attempt to maximize income and return and minimize tax exposure and risk.

Alternative Funds

We provide fast access to the leading funds for both Accredited and Non­-Accredited investors.

Opportunity Zones

A tax incentive program designed to encourage long-term private sector investments in designated communities

DST Investments

Management free monthly cash flow potential from institutional quality properties for Accredited Investors.