10 Reasons Why Clients Choose Breakwater to Purchase DST 1031 Investments

So, you’re ready to sell your property and make a 1031 exchange into a DST property. You can almost taste the retirement piña coladas and feel the gentle wind of the golf course on your face. Aside from finding the right Qualified Intermediary to help you make the exchange, you want to find a firm you can trust to help you find DST properties may help you enjoy retirement. Here’s why hundreds of DST 1031 investors have chosen Breakwater Capital over the years:

01. Breakwater Capital is Specialized in DST 1031S

DSTs are what we do! We live and breathe DSTs. Other firms also offer financial planning, insurance, mutual funds, oil and gas, etc. making them generalists instead of specialists. At Breakwater Capital, we focus on DSTs, giving you the peace of mind that we understand and can help you with every element of a DST 1031 exchange. Consider it like going to a specialist for a knee or hip replacement instead of a general practice doctor.

02. Breakwater Capital has an experienced team of DST 1031 Professionals

We have team members licensed in all 50 states, Washington DC and the US Virgin Islands. We have offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York City, and Washington, DC, over 150 years of collective real estate experience, and over $30 billion of DST participation. No matter if you live near one of our offices or not, we have representatives who would be happy to meet with you. We’re always just a phone call away.

03. Breakwater Capital is picky with its DST properties

Breakwater Capital has access to on-market DST properties from almost all of the sponsor companies and asset managers in the DST 1031 space. However, we reject certain properties that do not pass our robust due diligence due to high risk, high fees, and lack of previous performance. This is more than just broker dealer due diligence – although we have that too. We do our own due diligence, and our team has analyzed billions of dollars of investment real estate. Many of our competitors will still offer these properties to you that we’ve rejected – so be vigilant and always understand the risks.

04. Breakwater Capital has access to off-market DST properties

These exclusive DST properties are only available to our clients. These Breakwater Capital client-only DST offerings often have a dramatically lower fee structure than standard DSTs. Lower fees means more of your hard earned dollars in the ground and working for you as opposed to in the financial planner and DST sponsor companies pockets!

05. Breakwater Capital values integrity first

We will not sell the higher risk asset classes such as hotels, senior care, and oil and gas…even if they pay a higher fee to us. We will not use our clients as guinea pigs just to make a few extra bucks.

06. Breakwater Capital has a large inventory of DST properties.

We typically have at least 30 to 45 DST offerings at any given time. You can check out our DST property menu to see what offerings are available and have passed our DST due diligence analysis. Just call a representative, share your situation, and ask to see our menu, or register on our website to get a free list of our DST 1031 properties.

07. Breakwater Capital mystery shops each and every DST property offered

We believe we are one of the few firms that actually sends someone out to inspect every DST property we offer to clients – even portfolio DSTs with 10 to 25 properties. We make sure every DST property we offer has been inspected not just on paper (although our analysts love doing this) but in person as well.

08. Breakwater Capital has access to leveraged DSTs for debt replacement

We have access to DSTs that typically have a 40% to 65% loan-to-offering value. These DST properties have non-recourse loans in place and are able to be closed on typically within 3-5 business days for those investors needing to replace debt in their 1031 exchanges as well as those that want to increase their potential tax efficiencies by buying more real estate and increasing their basis.

09. Breakwater Capital has access to All-Cash/Debt-Free DSTs

If you’re an investor who doesn’t want the risk of lender foreclosure, this one is especially important to you. At Breakwater Capital, we offer many all-cash/debt-free DST properties. Not many groups have access to a wide variety of debt free DST properties like Breakwater Capital does. Call one of our representatives to discuss your situation and what debt free DST investments we have available.

10. Breakwater Capital walks the walk

Our team members are proud to be personally invested in multiple DSTs as part of our investment strategy. We don’t just assist others, we personally invest in DSTs ourselves and can give you advice based on personal experience.